The Only Rule You Need to Follow to ROCK the Enamel Pins Trend

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One of the hottest trends this year is enamel pins. But before you select your pieces of flare, there’s one simple rule you need to know to get this trend right. It’s simply this:


Artists put their heart and soul into these dope pin designs, but there are a number of large companies out there that are all too eager to copy their designs and put them on their own shelves. So before you reach for a cool pin at your local discount fashion or department store, keep in mind that there is a very, VERY good chance that the design in front of you was jacked from a hard working artist. Instead of supporting the blatant disrespect for someone’s intellectual property, go straight to the source when you’re ready to add to your pin collection. Etsy is a great place to buy pieces directly from the original artists. There are pins for everyone from travel junkies to alien theorists.

Here are a few that I personally have my eye on:


WHERE TO BUY: 1. Donuts or Death 2. Feminism is Cool 3.Rose Quartz 4. Moon Phases 5. Tea Snob 6. Grow a Pair 7. Rose Pair 8. Readers Gonna Read 9. Labyrinth Forever 10. Don’t Tell Me to Smile 11. Take Me Out 12. I See You 13. Frida 14. Corazon

Etsy is my go-to site for finding all kinds of unique items. I love that I can purchase items directly from a small business owner. Plus, the items you find on Etsy are so much more unique than anything you’ll find in any store. In fact, their current Difference Makes Us campaign encourages people to celebrate their un-similarities.

Happy Shopping!!



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