Four Steps To A Stylish Workday

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kleenex, all opinions are my own. Read more about sponsored content here

Your daily grind doesn’t have to be drab! Here are 4 easy steps to adding some style into your workday…

1. Remove the clutter:

I know your to-do list is long, but don’t let that overflowing inbox take over your whole desk. Staying organized is good for your mood and your sanity. I file away anything that I’m not presently working on so I can focus on one task at a time. Your desk is precious real estate, so you should also be picky about what you allow to  be a permanent resident on it. Just like in fashion, when it comes to designing your workspace, less is more.



2. Personalize it:

A few simple touches can let your personality shine through in your workspace without turning it into a graveyard for chachskies and creepy cat calenders. Try to select a few items that will  beautify your space, not serve as a distraction. For me, that means pops of bright colors like a simple bunch of flowers or…a super chic Kleenex box? Yep, I just love the modern designs Kleenex is coming out with. They’ve been going strong for 90 years now, so they’ve mastered the art of marrying function and fashion. Kleenex has even been featured in MOMA twice!

3. Dress for success:

I work from home and I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve never hopped on a video call with a blazer on top and yoga pants on the bottom, but sometimes I actually have to go out into the real world where that just won’t fly. When I meet with clients in person, I keep my look conservative but like to throw in a little flare of my own personality into the mix with a statement necklace or fun belt. Check out my post Work Wardrobe Basics for a list of things I think should be in every working woman’s closet.

4. Pack light:

Speaking of going out into the real world, let’s talk handbags for a minute. Ladies, if you set your purse down on your passenger seat and the seat belt alarm starts going off, you’re carrying too much stuff! Why is it we always feel the need to fill our purses to the brim no matter how big they are? Instead of lugging around a full-on survival kit, I recommend opting for a smaller bag and just traveling with a few essentials. Aside from my wallet, phone and couple other necessities, I love these stylish Kleenex travel packs. They’re perfect for lipstick touch ups or for when Mr. Funthusiast’s allergies are acting up. Digging through a black hole of a handbag to find a business card is not chic, and no way to impress a potential client. Packing light and show the world that you’ve got it all together!


Discover your own #KleenexStyle by visiting their website here. Fancy yourself a high fashion expert? Check out this fun video and see if you can spot the difference between Catwalk & Kleenex looks.


  1. I’m embarrassed to show you my #1 – it is a clutter-filled dining room table, now used as my desk. 😐

  2. Looks great dear! I always need Kleenex on my workspace! Xo

  3. I love your style. 🙂

  4. I wish my desk were as neat as yours! lol Great tips for a stylish work day!

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