July Giveaway from Total Woman Gym + Spa!

This is a sponsored post as part of my ambassador role with Total Woman Gym + Spa. All opinions are my own. 

I did something exciting today.

It might seem a little early, but I started the process of booking a photo shoot for a Christmas card picture for the Mr. and I. This will be the first Christmas card we send out as husband and wife so I’m pretty excited. Is that lame?

The way I see it, sending out Christmas cards is more than just a nice sentiment, it’s a competition….and the prize is a coveted space on my loved ones’ mantels.

You know what I’m talking about. You get tons of cards in the mail during the holidays, and while you may love all of your friends and relatives with all of your heart, their cards, well that’s another story. We all pick our favorites and display them somewhere special while the rest get placed in a basket or drawer, never to be seen again. No way is our card getting dumped in a basket!

I’m kidding of course, but I do want to look healthy and refreshed for our photo. It’s something we’ll look back on for the rest of our lives. That’s why I’m glad I’ve been making time to get my cardio and yoga practice in.

On that note, I’ve got another giveaway for you from my friends at Total Woman Gym + Spa. This one is all about detoxing and re-energizing!!

[CLICK HERE] to enter for a chance to win a detoxifying body wrap.

This detoxifying body wrap is great for tight muscles, joints and tendons. An intensely active marine mud will soothe sore tissues while toxins are drawn from deep within. This treatment leaves your body feeling detoxified, remineralized and fully oxygenated. Preparing for that bikini body? As you increase your workout routine, the detox will break own the lactic acid build up and restore the body for increased energy and performance.

Total Woman Gym + Spa has locations throughout Southern California. If chosen, you can redeem your prize at any of them!


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Cheers to your health!!

Xo – N




Table For Two: A Little Dinner Help From Fresh & Easy

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Fresh and Easy, all opinions are my own. Read more about sponsored content here

Dinner Help Fresh and Easy

I love sitting down to dinner with my husband at the end of the day. Cooking for my loved ones is something that brings me great joy, but between work, a new puppy and all the other balls I have in the air, some night’s it’s a miracle we eat anything at all! When I’m in a dinner bind, or just lack inspiration, I’m glad to know there’s a Fresh & Easy just down the road from me. They have tons of great prepared items ready for me to choose from. When I say prepared, I don’t mean that they’ve been processed with strange chemicals or preservatives. What I mean is that Fresh & Easy cuts out a few steps for you so you can get straight to cooking (and eating!) your meal.

Take this grill pack for example. 12 servings of BBQ-ready goodness for just $14.99, just add buns and sides. If you’re having company over to watch the game, this Grill Master pack is a no-brainer.

I decided to go with these petite carrots and green beans. They’ve been washed, cut and seasoned and are ready for the microwave (although I prefer to grill them). I was also craving steak, so I picked up some great looking filet mignon steaks that were also seasoned and came with a glaze.

2014-06-24 13.35.29

fresh and easy dinner

Our entire dinner came out to about $13.00 for the steaks, veggies and bread and took about 12 minutes to get on the table. Not bad, right? We all need a few shortcuts sometimes, thanks Fresh & Easy for having my back!

Friday Only! Save Big On Your Favorite Whole Foods Body Care Items


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Total Woman Gym & Spa Massage Giveaway

Total Woman Gym & Spa Logo

Update: Giveaway has been extended through June 30th! That means you still have a few more days to enter. Good luck!!  The bikinis are coming! The bikinis are coming! Actually, I think it’s safe to say that swimsuit season is officially here, which has many of us running to the gym for some last minute […]

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